Gang-raping a teenage girl, Two doctors and a medical student were arrested.

SAITAMA–Two doctors, including a suspect in several sexual assaults, and a medical student were arrested on suspicion of gang-raping a teenage girl who had passed out after drinking, Saitama prefectural police said Feb. 16.

The case, which has been sent to prosecutors, is one in a series of suspected rapes that occurred last year in the Tokyo area.

Takashi Kaminishi, 31, an intern at the Funabashi Central Hospital in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, and Yoshiharu Matsuoka, 31, an intern at Jikei University School of Medicine’s Hospital in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, have remained silent about the allegations, police said.

The other suspect, Ryusuke Kajiwara, 25, a medical student at Toho University in Tokyo who lives in Ota Ward in the capital, said Matsuoka had asked him to join in the act, according to police.

The three allegedly gang-raped the girl in her late teens at an apartment that Kaminishi was renting in Ota Ward around 10:35 p.m. on April 30 last year. The girl, who is from Tokyo, was unconscious after drinking alcohol.

Kaminishi, who lives in Funabashi, is also suspected of sexually assaulting the girl alone, as well as raping another teenager that night who had passed out.

Investigators believe several other men and women were in Kaminishi’s apartment at the time, but they were not involved in the assaults.

Matsuoka, a resident of Minato Ward, graduated from Toho University and is an acquaintance of Kajiwara, according to school officials.

Kaminishi also attended Toho University, and he and Matsuoka got to know each other through a university club.

Kaminishi was initially arrested in October 2016 on suspicion of sexually assaulting five women in their 20s between July and September last year, police and other sources said.

The women are from Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture.

Matsuoka was also arrested in December on suspicion of sexually assaulting one of the five women.

In one of the cases, Kaminishi is standing trial on charges of sexually assaulting a woman from Saitama Prefecture who was too intoxicated to offer resistance.

Prosecutors told the court that the suspect decorated his apartment with liquor bottles and lighting and called the place a “rental lounge.”

He enticed the Saitama woman to attend a barbecue party at the apartment by sending her an image of the interior, they said.

After the woman and Kaminishi’s acquaintances showed up at the apartment in September, the suspect played a drinking game with the woman with the intention of getting her drunk and sexually attacking her, the prosecutors said.

He raped her after she passed out, they said.

Kaminishi is believed to have taken images of the attack with his mobile phone.

He began working at the Funabashi Central Hospital in April 2016, while Matsuoka became a doctor in training at Jikei University School of Medicine’s Hospital in April 2014.

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